Week 15: Artist Interview

Elia Murray

This final week I had the pleasure of meeting Elia. Walking into the Gatov-West gallery I was immediately overwhelmed. Once noticing how many artist were up I had such a huge selection. Elia was talking about her art when I walked in and because I prefer to write about an artist that is actually present I chose her. Elia came to school originally trying to fight her passion and pursue becoming an English teacher. After learning the struggle and not being able to fight her artistic ability she became a illustration major. While talking to Elia we learned that most of her art is water colors. Though genetics dont always lead you to your future, hers did. Both mother and father did watercolors and it just seemed to fit her. We learned that working for Disney is an ultimate goal for most artist even her. Being that Disney mostly employs graphic designers she hopes to stand out from the rest as a illustrator. Her art really does look like it could be part of the Disney team and I hope she gets a spot. Though Disney is her dream job, she is also working on a book. While talk to a man she told him that he book is done just needed binding which is a big deal because childrens books are popular. This weeks gatov-west art gallery was amazing full of artist with spectacular art. I noticed I did spend more time at the galleries longer than I have usually because it was the style that I like. I hope to see Elia’s art in Disney at some point and I get to say “HEY I SAW SENIOR PROJECT!!”


Week 15: Classmate Interview


J. Jesus

This last week  I had the pleasure to interview the person on the left of the picture above. This sweet couple were probably the most fun and entertaining people I interviewed all semester. Jay is majoring in computer engineering which he has fallen in love with. Math in a main subject in this area and feels that even being at a higher level its way easier than lower division math. While talking with Jay, I felt he has lots of knowledge on the many fields of engineering. Being a 3rd years he has been able to learn a lot and it shows. Lucky for him, he will be graduating in about a year and a half which to me seems so close. Currently Jay is working in the University bookstore which he enjoys and likes how they work around his schedule. A graduate from Wilson High School, there is where he met his true love. A little more than 3 years they have been together and just last December they got married. About 5 months of being married I look up to this couple in hopes I could have a relationship like them. Just the way they easily communicate to each other and others is respectful while still being funny. Though Jay may look like just a smart guy he is also very caring, which I learned by talking to him. I honestly enjoyed this conversation of all and I am really glad to have met people that set my relationship goal (laughing at my weirdness).

Week 14: Artist Interview


Yireh Elaine Kwak

While looking at the galleries this week, this particular one was overflowing with people.  Walking into the gallery my first thought was wow these paintings are so colorful and there had to be multiple artists because this is a crazy amount for one person. The exhibit was called “Liminal” which according to dictionary.com means “of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process” which made since when you thought of the many “stages” of art in this gallery. After interviewing Yireh I learned that she is getting her BA in drawing and painting. Her art in this picture is called “home” which was influenced from her home in fullerton. She likes to paint pictures in her own perspective so that you can see the beauty through her eyes. Living on a hill with lush green around her and lots of nature inspired her oil painting above. Kwak tends to change up her art a lot because she needs to keep an opened mind so that her ideas will flow. Yireh decided to take one year off of school after she graduates before returning for a Masters program which she plans on working on her portfolio and other small projects. I feel that taking time off especially for an artist is crucial for them to find who they are, so I hope her the best and maybe we will see her art hanging in a museum someday.

Week 14: Classmate Interview


Eduardo Catalan

Majoring in Mathematics, Eduardo is a second year  at CSULB Eduardo was born in Mexico, but has been living in California for 14 years. Like me he commutes to school everyday and we share the experience of waking up extra early to go to class and waiting in the traffic when you are a couple miles from school. It really sucks because once he gets to school most of the time he is early and has to spend most of his time waiting for class which is bitter sweet. Usually he spends this time finding work to do or studying. Currently working at McDonalds, the one down the street from school, he uses up most of his time at school or working. When he does get time off he like to spend it relaxing because that is the only time he gets to himself. When I asked about his major is math and why that he said because he “likes math.” In my opinion no one can ever like math, so I asked if it was easy to him, again he surprised me. He said “no it is actually really hard but I like the challenge.” His perseverance and dedication is amazing especially for something that everyone hates, he is a real diamond in the rough. With this major, like me, he wants to be a teacher for high school. One goal he set for himself was to be the kind of teacher he had in high school. He wants to put his students first and make sure they understand the material because maybe them more student will love math the way he does.  After meeting with Eduardo I felt the passion to commit to my major and to really be the type of teacher I would have wanted in school. Eduardo is a hardworking student that has accomplished so much for being 20 and I hope to get to know him more being that we will may work together in the future.

Week 13: EXTRA CREDIT thrift store pants


For this activity the instructions were pretty simple and cheap. I went to a thrift store right by my house called Plato’s Closet. I found a part of jeans that fit a little tight but that was the only pair and they were only $6! Get deal! Well here if where it went wrong, idk what I did but the fabric must have been too weak and used or I pressed to hard but the string tore easily. I still think the came out nice but not nearly like a pair of store bought torn jeans. I’m glad I tried this activity because now I know that I am terrible at DIY clothing and I can stick to buying my pants when they go on sell.

Week 13: EXTRA CREDIT alphabet story

FullSizeRender (5)

A Buffalo Caught Dead Elephant Feet Greatly His Inside Jaw Knuckled Lock Meanwhile Ninjas Or Penguins Quit Refusing Snacks To Ultra Violet Waters Xrays Yelling ZAP!

For this extra credit activity I wanted the story to make sense without using any extra words. Although it doesn’t make complete sense, it is funny and entertaining to read. I thought this activity was really fun to do because it was actually hilarious to try to come up with words and have them be appropriate. This is a something you can do with friends or even at a family party to entertain guests and just have a good time. I hope you liked my little story and you try it for yourself!

Week 13: EXTRA CREDIT musical drawing


Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven

While my earphones where plugged in and my hand moved to the music, this is what I came up with. Moonlight Sonata is one of my favorite songs to relax to and also just think about life so I thought it would be perfect for this activity. I had a lot of fun with this activity and I found it especially relaxing. I probably will do this again if i’m ever  just listening to music and trying to release any stress. I hope this drawing shows how I felt while trying to relax and also letting my hand to all the talking. Twists and turns, tall stairs, and depths that can’t be brought up from. This is my music drawing and I hope you like it.