Week 5: Activity



I really liked this particular video because of its video quality, content, and context. The girl that spoke in this video really was sincere and wanted what she was asking for. The video was funny and really entertaining to watch. After watch this video I contemplated donating money but being a college student I am on a very tight budget. If I had to pick one video to donate to it would be this one.


This video I disliked very much because it was made in bad quality, it sounded fake, and did not come off as professional. The child in this video looked like his parents forced him to make it so he could get some money. I dont feel like this is a good video to support or to pay for because its lack of emotion or connection to the audience.



This particular video caught my attention because of  its great video quality, sound, and emotion. This video came off very professional and like a real advertisement. Although there was not much information in the video, it was very entertaining and drew me in. I hope that these people are able to make there product because then I could go and buy a fabulous camera bag. I think this is amazing and is my second choice to donate to.


This video caught my eye for being quite terrible. This particular video is a 2 minute video on just a ticking watch. I felt that it was not great to show off the watch especially because I know how a watch ticks, I don’t need to see it for 2 minutes. Another reason why this video is terrible is because it is also shaky and not as great quality.


Week 5: Artist Interview


Brianna Allen

Metal on metal on metal. This artist has so far been my favorite. As she stood there awkwardly talking about her art, you could see her mind thinking deeply about each word. Brianna puts so much into each piece of art that every metal is perfect and so unique. From jewelry to a chest set, she can make almost anything. Her art, as she said, comes from her mind and body depending on how she is feeling is what comes out. One thing to keep in mind is that her art is not inspired by anything it comes to her naturally. During her time in Germany, she found her favorite spot where the boats are docked. She found herself watching as the boats sailed out and came back. When you look at her art you can see each and every detail. Her art is beautiful and in my opinion very powerful. Most of her work has sharp points and looks like it came from battle. Out of the artist I have seen this semester, Brianna’s is my favorite because of its boldness and strength.

Week 5: Classmate Interview


Tatiana Costa

I had the hardest time trying to find a new person to interview but just as I was going to give up this lovely lady came to my rescue. Majoring in kinesiology she is on her way to becoming a big time physical therapist. Her decision for this career choice all started with her grandpa that need a physical therapist and from then on she found that was what she was born to do. Being a CSULB student is difficult especially when having to take the classes she has, chemistry, biology, etc. so to keep it less stressful she likes to ride her bike. When I asked if she was part of the club at school she giggled and said “I’m not that fast.” At the height of 5″5, she is still the shortest person in her family even compared to her 15 year old brother. One fun fact is that she lives really close to me in the same city of Artesia.

So if the world was ending and she won the lottery, even though I didn’t get the chance to ask her. I bet she would spend her time and money on her family and  her two dogs Menina and Zoey.

Week 4: Activity



Just do it.

This weeks activity was to do something that you would usually pass up. Everyday I walk in and out of my house but never do I go on top. While trying to shoot this picture I had trouble understanding why I should be doing this. I found that there is a difference between have to and want to. I would rather want to do something than have to. This activity really made me feel like I had control to do what made me feel out of place. When you look at me I’m not the girl that dresses in all black or sits in the front of the class or even wants to bring attention to myself but here I did exactly that.

“You can easily fall, but it’s your choice if you jump.”

Week 4: Artist Interview


Daniel Rivera

This artist stood out to me because of his amazing art piece. I really liked his use of blacklights to make his art pop. He did have help from his friends and family, otherwise this project would have taken way too long to complete. Its nice to see an artist whose family is supportive, even if it didn’t start out that way. Daniel was inspired by how vulnerable people are when they give so he wanted to show that in his art.


When you look at the artwork you see little block that are 2″ by 4″ and have cuts through each. Strings and plaster hang out of each block that were all made by him. When I look at this art, it is like an opened wound that is shown for everyone to see. I can remember times when I opened up to people and they decided to use it against me. Leaving me opened, torn to pieces, and light for everyone. I can relate to this picture more that I would have imagined and its beautiful to feel that connection. Like the video that was shown in class “Art must be beautiful,” people can think differently about each piece of art but the connection they have is what makes it beautiful. Without any emotion, you can’t fully understand a piece.

Week 4: Classmate Interview


Alex Kivuls

When I first met this man I didn’t know I would be meeting a genius. Alex is a sophomore that is majoring in computer science. After listening to him talk I learned that within his 19 years he has accomplished so much that it was hard for him to pick out just one. I would list all the things he told me but because my lack of knowledge about computer science, it is confusing for me. I can say that his plan is to intern a Google and that will hopefully be happening soon. He believes that this class is great because it is better than spamming lectures and it really helps him get out of his comfort zone. Alex likes that we have to meet a new person each week because that is something he wouldn’t normally do unless he had to. After seeing the last couple weeks of galleries, he found that each piece has been shown in a way that abstract and open for interpretation. A fun fact about Alex that you wouldn’t know by just looking at him is that he played volleyball for almost 7 years and is now part of the CSULB team. It was amazing to meet Alex and I expect to hear more about him in the future when he is big at Google.

Week 3: Activity- Instagram



Instagram, I will admit, it a huge part in my daily activities. I wake up, check Instagram. I eat food, check Instagram. I need to sleep right now, wait check Instagram. Though I do this as a routine, it was a challenge to take and publish pictures that  I did not have a week to decide if they were ready. The picture above is a screenshot of the #art11os15 and you can find my picture in the 3rd row and 3rd column. When I was taking pictures I was thinking of what can I post that would match the theme I already have. I probably will delete 1 of the pictures I posted but at least I did get a few I liked and others liked too. This activity was strange but made me realise how much time I spend on social media, thinking about social media, and the little time I spend away from it. The generation I have grown up in has really changed throughout my 19 years and it is just a weird feeling to not know what is next.