Week 2: Activity-Graffiti


To start off I do not consider myself an artist or painter, but I have always been an okay drawer/painter since I was younger. This was one of the hardest projects for me and really stressed me out. First, I didn’t know how to use spray paint and so it started off all over my hands. Second, I didn’t know how to paint clean lines and because I sprayed so much it took a while to dry. Last, I’m just not good with graffiti. I hope you like the video I put together of my boyfriend and I trying to “graffiti” but also I am really glad that I tried this and learned that it truly is an art that not everyone can master. (excuse the 480p quality video I’m not sure what happened while it was processing) 


One thought on “Week 2: Activity-Graffiti

  1. Awesomesauce!

    Video makes everything funnerer, doesn’t it!? 😀

    Plus, practicing things like making videos & why they don’t upload the way you expected, when it’s “only an art activity” is great practice so when some future video might get you elected to ASI or hired for an Internship, you’ve got the steps down!


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