Week 3: Classmate Interview


Priscilla Lopez

At the age of 19 this lovely lady is a second year student at CSULB and working to major in health care administration. Even with a busy schedule she can always find time to spend with her friends and bf but also do what she loves most, soccer. Priscilla played soccer for 2 years on a team called the LA Girls and continues to play just for fun. Like most college students she is working but lucky for her its right on campus at the Student Life and Development, where she tries to get students involved at the Beach. One fun fact is that her boyfriends birthday was today (February 5th) and so she was planning a special day for them to go out to eat and then a romance walk on the beach. When I ask was her favorite food was she told me a long name that I had no idea what it was so she shortened it to “enchiladas” and to wash them down she likes to drink jamaica, which is a purple-ish Mexican tea. So now the question was to be asked what would she do with half a million dollars when the world ends in 2 days?

“I would give half to a charity, I don’t know which one, and the rest I would use with my family.”

Most people would think it crazy to give the money to a charity because the world is about to end but I think that by doing this you are giving them a chance to really live up there last few days so I do like her decision and I will consider doing the same. *smiles*


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