Week 3: Activity- Instagram



Instagram, I will admit, it a huge part in my daily activities. I wake up, check Instagram. I eat food, check Instagram. I need to sleep right now, wait check Instagram. Though I do this as a routine, it was a challenge to take and publish pictures that  I did not have a week to decide if they were ready. The picture above is a screenshot of the #art11os15 and you can find my picture in the 3rd row and 3rd column. When I was taking pictures I was thinking of what can I post that would match the theme I already have. I probably will delete 1 of the pictures I posted but at least I did get a few I liked and others liked too. This activity was strange but made me realise how much time I spend on social media, thinking about social media, and the little time I spend away from it. The generation I have grown up in has really changed throughout my 19 years and it is just a weird feeling to not know what is next.


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