Week 3: Artist Interview


Josh Benz

This week while choosing an artist it was actually difficult because in one room there was a couple artists rather than just one. The artist I chose stood out to me because out of all the other artists he was the most playful. Looking in the room you can see deep thoughts that went into a lot of the work but Josh really wanted to stand out from the rest. He started drawing in community college and continued until just recently where he found his love for oil colors. At the age of 27 he has figured out the type of art he wants people to see. In his drawing he has himself surrounded by teddy bears while drinking vodkah. When you look at this you might think wow this guy must be really lonely and not have anyone when really he drew it because he thought it was funny. It took him about 8 hours to draw this highly detailed portrait and about 2-3weeks to do his oil painting.


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