Week 4: Artist Interview


Daniel Rivera

This artist stood out to me because of his amazing art piece. I really liked his use of blacklights to make his art pop. He did have help from his friends and family, otherwise this project would have taken way too long to complete. Its nice to see an artist whose family is supportive, even if it didn’t start out that way. Daniel was inspired by how vulnerable people are when they give so he wanted to show that in his art.


When you look at the artwork you see little block that are 2″ by 4″ and have cuts through each. Strings and plaster hang out of each block that were all made by him. When I look at this art, it is like an opened wound that is shown for everyone to see. I can remember times when I opened up to people and they decided to use it against me. Leaving me opened, torn to pieces, and light for everyone. I can relate to this picture more that I would have imagined and its beautiful to feel that connection. Like the video that was shown in class “Art must be beautiful,” people can think differently about each piece of art but the connection they have is what makes it beautiful. Without any emotion, you can’t fully understand a piece.


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