Week 4: Classmate Interview


Alex Kivuls

When I first met this man I didn’t know I would be meeting a genius. Alex is a sophomore that is majoring in computer science. After listening to him talk I learned that within his 19 years he has accomplished so much that it was hard for him to pick out just one. I would list all the things he told me but because my lack of knowledge about computer science, it is confusing for me. I can say that his plan is to intern a Google and that will hopefully be happening soon. He believes that this class is great because it is better than spamming lectures and it really helps him get out of his comfort zone. Alex likes that we have to meet a new person each week because that is something he wouldn’t normally do unless he had to. After seeing the last couple weeks of galleries, he found that each piece has been shown in a way that abstract and open for interpretation. A fun fact about Alex that you wouldn’t know by just looking at him is that he played volleyball for almost 7 years and is now part of the CSULB team. It was amazing to meet Alex and I expect to hear more about him in the future when he is big at Google.


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