Week 5: Activity



I really liked this particular video because of its video quality, content, and context. The girl that spoke in this video really was sincere and wanted what she was asking for. The video was funny and really entertaining to watch. After watch this video I contemplated donating money but being a college student I am on a very tight budget. If I had to pick one video to donate to it would be this one.


This video I disliked very much because it was made in bad quality, it sounded fake, and did not come off as professional. The child in this video looked like his parents forced him to make it so he could get some money. I dont feel like this is a good video to support or to pay for because its lack of emotion or connection to the audience.



This particular video caught my attention because of  its great video quality, sound, and emotion. This video came off very professional and like a real advertisement. Although there was not much information in the video, it was very entertaining and drew me in. I hope that these people are able to make there product because then I could go and buy a fabulous camera bag. I think this is amazing and is my second choice to donate to.


This video caught my eye for being quite terrible. This particular video is a 2 minute video on just a ticking watch. I felt that it was not great to show off the watch especially because I know how a watch ticks, I don’t need to see it for 2 minutes. Another reason why this video is terrible is because it is also shaky and not as great quality.


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