Week 5: Artist Interview


Brianna Allen

Metal on metal on metal. This artist has so far been my favorite. As she stood there awkwardly talking about her art, you could see her mind thinking deeply about each word. Brianna puts so much into each piece of art that every metal is perfect and so unique. From jewelry to a chest set, she can make almost anything. Her art, as she said, comes from her mind and body depending on how she is feeling is what comes out. One thing to keep in mind is that her art is not inspired by anything it comes to her naturally. During her time in Germany, she found her favorite spot where the boats are docked. She found herself watching as the boats sailed out and came back. When you look at her art you can see each and every detail. Her art is beautiful and in my opinion very powerful. Most of her work has sharp points and looks like it came from battle. Out of the artist I have seen this semester, Brianna’s is my favorite because of its boldness and strength.


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