Week 5: Classmate Interview


Tatiana Costa

I had the hardest time trying to find a new person to interview but just as I was going to give up this lovely lady came to my rescue. Majoring in kinesiology she is on her way to becoming a big time physical therapist. Her decision for this career choice all started with her grandpa that need a physical therapist and from then on she found that was what she was born to do. Being a CSULB student is difficult especially when having to take the classes she has, chemistry, biology, etc. so to keep it less stressful she likes to ride her bike. When I asked if she was part of the club at school she giggled and said “I’m not that fast.” At the height of 5″5, she is still the shortest person in her family even compared to her 15 year old brother. One fun fact is that she lives really close to me in the same city of Artesia.

So if the world was ending and she won the lottery, even though I didn’t get the chance to ask her. I bet she would spend her time and money on her family and  her two dogs Menina and Zoey.


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