Week 9: Activity

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Cognitive Map

Thinking of Cal State Long Beach, this is what I came up with. There are so many areas I could draw because my classes are all over the campus. The most basic areas I wanted to include were upper/lower campus, the “bridge”, the escalators, the stairs, the gym and CBA and the fountains. These areas are a huge part of my everyday life at Long Beach and I thought the most important.

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Adopt a Building

The building I chose to adopt was CBA, otherwise known as College of Business and Administration. I decided on this building because I have had classes here my whole freshman year. This building is a symbol of my time at Long Beach because even though I have classes here, I also pass by it everyday when I take the bus home. It felt almost necessary to include and I probably will always like the structure of the building. I especially like how the “inside” of the building is actually open and you can sit and relax between classes.

So this building is one of the eight colleges at Long Beach and was made in 1967 when it spit from Social Science. In 1992, it became known as the College of Business and Administration. And offers a variety of programs and offerings. (All this information can be found on the CSULB website at :http://web.csulb.edu/colleges/cba/dean/facts/ )

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Redesign CSULB

My redesign of Long Beach would only include 2 major areas that I feel should be redone. First off, the “bridge” which is the worst area on campus. This little section to get from Brotman Hall to CBA really is awful. It is usually very tiring walking up the hill and the climbing is embarrassing when you already are clumsy. If anything could be done it should at least have a barrier from the sun and also be lowered and easier to walk across. I feel that with these changes it would be a huge improvement.

Second, the fountain in front of Brotman Hall. Although this fountain is nice, no one really knows what it is until someone explains it. A sign could easily be added or just a knew fountain could be made. I really like the type of fountains that shoot up in the air on and off. They could even have really nice lights at night. This would look really nice on the campus but also would not have to be explained as to what it is.


Week 9: Artist Interview


Lesley Nishigawara

This week there weren’t many artist, I actually only saw 1 but still her work was interesting. I feel when looking at her art that it was like I had slight OCD. I say this, even though I have no disorder, because unlike most of the art this semester she had it perfectly symmetrical. When I see art or images that are put together this way, my soul feels complete in a way. It is the same feeling you get when your your colored pencils are laid on your desk all the same length and in color order. Red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, black. I can’t help but feel this way when look at her artwork.


Here you can see her artwork. This entire process took her 10 hours which was of a period of time and I think came out amazing. Just think about the time you take fixing your hair, you probably have way more on your head than the string in this art, but at max you will take 3 hours. This process really shows the work she put into her project and how determined she is. The basic concept being “how information is revealed through systems and the resulting patterns they create.” This made me think of a network or computer and the the materials inside to make it run. Even though you do not see inside a computer it is all laid out and organized. This way if you ever need to reach in and gather information, or fix a broken part, you are able to without any trouble. This is how I interpreted her concept and it is easily seen in her work.

Week 9: Classmate Interview


Marisol Lopez

This week I interviewed a new friend of mine and learned so much that I didn’t already know. We meet in this class through a common friend and know talk every Thursday. first choice for college was Santa Barbra but when they did not have her major, she decided on Long Beach. She came to school majoring in Aerospace Engineering but then decided to change it to Chemical Engineering. Though you might not think it is a big deal but for her it was because that meant her new major is at her first choice school. Even though she could change schools, she wants to stay at Long Beach. At her old high school, Jordan, she was really good in science and math. After coming to Long Beach, she does not feel as confident. But to keep her hopes high, her main goal is to stick with engineering even if the classes are hard. In her high school, they had a program where she internshipped for 3 years which counted as 2 classes at her high school. She also use to run until she got to college where she puts all her efforts into her classes. After talking more with__ I felt so inspired to know someone that is not giving up on their dream. I see so many students changing majors. and dropping out but she is the complete opposite. I feel so much more enthusiastic about my major and really want to set a goal just like she did. This was one of the most inspirational classmate interviews I have had.

Week 8: Activity

Obi Wan Kenpiggy

This week we learned about remix art, which is a form of art where you can create your own by being inspired by another. An example we saw was people lip-syncing to one of the favorite songs and have hundreds of people join them. For this weeks remix art I put together a short video that features my dog Piggy. I was inspired after our Tuesday lecture where we watched examples of remix art. I love film, and I really think this class has showed me so much that has made me see art in a different way. I am now excited every time I come to class because it has really educated me on a culture that I knew nothing about. I feel that this video is really funny and also creative and I am proud of it. I hope you enjoy this remix and make sure to watch for more of my videos!

Week 8: Artist Interview

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Brian Davis

This weeks artist interview was setup in a way that I had not experienced yet. There was a couch to relax on, a projector that showed the entire art setup process, and Brain just making some juice, totally normal. I thought it was hilariously amazing, if that makes any sense. I loved the atmosphere inside the gallery to where I did not want to leave. It was so satisfying to watch and after a few minutes I was able to try Brain’s fabulous creation. Though the drink was not my favorite only because I prefer my drinks ice-cold, it made you feel clean. This is another of my favorite shows that have been at the galleries and I feel like it really brought people in.

Brain had a lot of success with his show where he was the “juicer.” Brain felt that by making the juice and by us drinking it, you are allowing your mind to open and really express who you are. He usually makes juice every three days and carries a large bottle everywhere he goes, this way he can really express himself. I think this is an amazing way of thinking and really caring for your body. I feel this approach is much better than drugs or any other substances that harm the body. Brain is truly an amazing artist and I can’t wait to hear more about him in the future.

Week 8: Classmate Interview


Candice Cheung

A freshman majoring in pre-developement, Candice is preparing to be a future occupational therapist. This, if you don’t already know, is a kind of “nurse” that helps children with special needs. The plan is to find a job in a hospital but if need be anywhere that will take her will work. Candice came to Long Beach as a pre-nursing major but once she started the classes, like me, she knew it wasn’t for her. She is currently dorming at Hill Side Los Cerritos and is a part of Christian club where she has made all her good friends. Though she has a passion for dance she feels that CSULB dance team is way beyond her but still dances on her own time. She knows that it is important to focus on school right now because she is working on her future. With one older sister that went to school for a teaching major and then switched to speech therapy, it help her find what she really wanted to do. When I talked with Candice I found it so easy to approach her and the conversation flowed easily. Im really glad I met this girl because like last, she is the type of person I can easily get along with and befriend.

Week 7: Activity

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FA 1 Print Making

This is a very complicated process that I do not fully understand and uses complex vocabulary that I would need to search. BUT I really enjoyed watch some young ladies make some really awesome pieces.


Landscapes with a Corpse

For this weeks activity I had so much fun thinking of a way to take this picture. After a two hour long workout I could easy have fallen while walk down the stair, which inspired my “death”.  I really love this picture and think it came out way better than expected. Also by adding lots of different effect I think the picture looks way better and death-like. I shall call it Death by Unsteady Legs. The whole point of this activity was based on Izima Kaoru’s project Landscapes with a Corpse, which took 20 years to complete. The idea behind it is that he fears death and tries to make it beautiful in his photographs. SO his question…”How would you like to die?”