Week 6: Activity

IMG_6141 IMG_6142

For this weeks activity after looking at the fabrics in FA2 I decided to try and make something really fun. I used string and paper to make some cute hearts that when my family saw them made them smile. I didn’t have any yarn but I had string so I hope that counts, and because of the gloomy weather I didn’t want all my hard work to go to waste because of the rain.

Here is my inspired “Yarn Bombing” creation. I had a lot of fun making this and it did take a lot more time than you think. At first I had trouble finding a way to place the hearts because at first they weren’t staying flat. Every time I would hang them they would turn in different directions which I didn’t want. Once I finally figured out how to make they stay it came out better than I expected. The was better than the graffiti activity because I was able to fix when I messed up. I also felt that I had more control and more fun because I didn’t have to sit outside while it was cold. I hope you like this little clip I put together and maybe inspires you to start making videos yourself.


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