Week 6: Artist Interview

IMG_3564   IMG_6131

Christine Fuqua

After walking through a room of many artist’s works, this piece was the one that had the most attention. Walking in my house you would never see a piece like this. It is hard for me to understand how someone can create such a beautiful piece that is very useful and could easily bring up conversation. Christine spent 3 semesters, more than I have even been at CSULB, making this amazing piece. A table that stands as its legs are turned around it. The process consists of creating a design, approving the design, using lots of staples and gorilla glue, and hoping at the end that it does not fall apart. A major in studio art, Christine really showed how much she learned, being so she was able to create one of the best pieces in the room. She learned that a lot of people design thinking that it is possible to make it, but she knows that her designs might not all work . She hopes to someday work for a company that manufactures furniture already and hopefully later on make her own line and company.


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