Week 6: Classmate Interview


Matthew “Matt”  Stahl

This week I interviewed Matt a second year hoping to major in design. After getting to know him, I learned we were kind of the same. Unsure of what path to take and incredibility shy, but also gaming experts *wink wink*. We started off by asking simple questions like name, age, and major. After several minutes we found a common interest which was COD. COD, Call of Duty, is a shooting game that I can admit is amazing. There is only so much you can say about COD but once we finish we were back to our awkward state. I can honestly say it was funny to meet Matt because two people that are that similar really have a hard time trying to break out of the shyness. I wish Matt the best in his adventure to becoming a “Geek” at BestBuy and hope when I need help with my computer that he will kindly remember our short but fun conversation (and hopefully not charge me).


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