Week 7: Classmate Interview


Rachel Goodaker

This week I was able to meet . While talking with her I found her to have a lot of similar interests and really just remind me of my sister. In my family, I am known as the “makeup girl” because I make youtube videos and have such a passion for cosmetics. For any special occasion I usually am the person my sister or mother goes to for help. So how do this relate to Rachel? Well her younger sister is the exact same. While talking with her, I could just imagine that it is the same way my sister would talk about me. Though Rachel and I got along well, we couldn’t help but stay on the subject that we love to stay home and watch Netflix. After a long day of school we would rather go home and relax than to stay at school to hang out with friends. Currently employed at Cherry on Top, she a girl to befriend *wink wink*. Before her current job she was working at Hollister which was not to her liking. If everything goes as planned she wants to go into a banking/loan type of job which I didn’t really know what it was. And if so you know who to go to for those college loans. I enjoyed the conversation I had with Miss Goodaker and I hope we can talk more throughout this semester.


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