Week 7: Activity

IMG_6303 IMG_6304 IMG_6305

FA 1 Print Making

This is a very complicated process that I do not fully understand and uses complex vocabulary that I would need to search. BUT I really enjoyed watch some young ladies make some really awesome pieces.


Landscapes with a Corpse

For this weeks activity I had so much fun thinking of a way to take this picture. After a two hour long workout I could easy have fallen while walk down the stair, which inspired my “death”.  I really love this picture and think it came out way better than expected. Also by adding lots of different effect I think the picture looks way better and death-like. I shall call it Death by Unsteady Legs. The whole point of this activity was based on Izima Kaoru’s project Landscapes with a Corpse, which took 20 years to complete. The idea behind it is that he fears death and tries to make it beautiful in his photographs. SO his question…”How would you like to die?”


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