Week 8: Classmate Interview


Candice Cheung

A freshman majoring in pre-developement, Candice is preparing to be a future occupational therapist. This, if you don’t already know, is a kind of “nurse” that helps children with special needs. The plan is to find a job in a hospital but if need be anywhere that will take her will work. Candice came to Long Beach as a pre-nursing major but once she started the classes, like me, she knew it wasn’t for her. She is currently dorming at Hill Side Los Cerritos and is a part of Christian club where she has made all her good friends. Though she has a passion for dance she feels that CSULB dance team is way beyond her but still dances on her own time. She knows that it is important to focus on school right now because she is working on her future. With one older sister that went to school for a teaching major and then switched to speech therapy, it help her find what she really wanted to do. When I talked with Candice I found it so easy to approach her and the conversation flowed easily. Im really glad I met this girl because like last, she is the type of person I can easily get along with and befriend.


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