Week 9: Activity

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Cognitive Map

Thinking of Cal State Long Beach, this is what I came up with. There are so many areas I could draw because my classes are all over the campus. The most basic areas I wanted to include were upper/lower campus, the “bridge”, the escalators, the stairs, the gym and CBA and the fountains. These areas are a huge part of my everyday life at Long Beach and I thought the most important.

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Adopt a Building

The building I chose to adopt was CBA, otherwise known as College of Business and Administration. I decided on this building because I have had classes here my whole freshman year. This building is a symbol of my time at Long Beach because even though I have classes here, I also pass by it everyday when I take the bus home. It felt almost necessary to include and I probably will always like the structure of the building. I especially like how the “inside” of the building is actually open and you can sit and relax between classes.

So this building is one of the eight colleges at Long Beach and was made in 1967 when it spit from Social Science. In 1992, it became known as the College of Business and Administration. And offers a variety of programs and offerings. (All this information can be found on the CSULB website at :http://web.csulb.edu/colleges/cba/dean/facts/ )

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Redesign CSULB

My redesign of Long Beach would only include 2 major areas that I feel should be redone. First off, the “bridge” which is the worst area on campus. This little section to get from Brotman Hall to CBA really is awful. It is usually very tiring walking up the hill and the climbing is embarrassing when you already are clumsy. If anything could be done it should at least have a barrier from the sun and also be lowered and easier to walk across. I feel that with these changes it would be a huge improvement.

Second, the fountain in front of Brotman Hall. Although this fountain is nice, no one really knows what it is until someone explains it. A sign could easily be added or just a knew fountain could be made. I really like the type of fountains that shoot up in the air on and off. They could even have really nice lights at night. This would look really nice on the campus but also would not have to be explained as to what it is.


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