Week 9: Classmate Interview


Marisol Lopez

This week I interviewed a new friend of mine and learned so much that I didn’t already know. We meet in this class through a common friend and know talk every Thursday. first choice for college was Santa Barbra but when they did not have her major, she decided on Long Beach. She came to school majoring in Aerospace Engineering but then decided to change it to Chemical Engineering. Though you might not think it is a big deal but for her it was because that meant her new major is at her first choice school. Even though she could change schools, she wants to stay at Long Beach. At her old high school, Jordan, she was really good in science and math. After coming to Long Beach, she does not feel as confident. But to keep her hopes high, her main goal is to stick with engineering even if the classes are hard. In her high school, they had a program where she internshipped for 3 years which counted as 2 classes at her high school. She also use to run until she got to college where she puts all her efforts into her classes. After talking more with__ I felt so inspired to know someone that is not giving up on their dream. I see so many students changing majors. and dropping out but she is the complete opposite. I feel so much more enthusiastic about my major and really want to set a goal just like she did. This was one of the most inspirational classmate interviews I have had.


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