Week 13: EXTRA CREDIT thrift store pants


For this activity the instructions were pretty simple and cheap. I went to a thrift store right by my house called Plato’s Closet. I found a part of jeans that fit a little tight but that was the only pair and they were only $6! Get deal! Well here if where it went wrong, idk what I did but the fabric must have been too weak and used or I pressed to hard but the string tore easily. I still think the came out nice but not nearly like a pair of store bought torn jeans. I’m glad I tried this activity because now I know that I am terrible at DIY clothing and I can stick to buying my pants when they go on sell.


Week 13: EXTRA CREDIT alphabet story

FullSizeRender (5)

A Buffalo Caught Dead Elephant Feet Greatly His Inside Jaw Knuckled Lock Meanwhile Ninjas Or Penguins Quit Refusing Snacks To Ultra Violet Waters Xrays Yelling ZAP!

For this extra credit activity I wanted the story to make sense without using any extra words. Although it doesn’t make complete sense, it is funny and entertaining to read. I thought this activity was really fun to do because it was actually hilarious to try to come up with words and have them be appropriate. This is a something you can do with friends or even at a family party to entertain guests and just have a good time. I hope you liked my little story and you try it for yourself!

Week 13: EXTRA CREDIT musical drawing


Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven

While my earphones where plugged in and my hand moved to the music, this is what I came up with. Moonlight Sonata is one of my favorite songs to relax to and also just think about life so I thought it would be perfect for this activity. I had a lot of fun with this activity and I found it especially relaxing. I probably will do this again if i’m ever  just listening to music and trying to release any stress. I hope this drawing shows how I felt while trying to relax and also letting my hand to all the talking. Twists and turns, tall stairs, and depths that can’t be brought up from. This is my music drawing and I hope you like it.

Week 13: Artist Interview


Marty Knop

Walking into this gallery my eyes immediately didn’t  know what to focus on. The lines in every directions, and the colors that match perfectly. Marty is an amazing artist that really is proud of his art so listening to him talk was very exciting. His art is supposed to illustrate mathematical functions by using photoshop and other programs. Printmaking being so expensive, most of Marty’s color choice were based on how well they go together and the price of which each color cost. Even if he choose a cheaper color, I think it was the best decision because it goes together so well. The difference between his pictures with colors  is that the colors make up the shapes and in most of the pictures, they are the same but with different colors. This was amazing to me because I didn’t see it until he had said something. I found Knops art very pleasing to the eye, and difficult to try to remake so Ill just leave it to the master.

Week 13: Classmate Interview


Guillermo Vargas

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Guillermo. A freshman as CSULB, he plans on majoring in Mechanical Engineering which was inspired by his uncle. His uncle already does design and programming for motorcycle rims and makes everything himself. After helping out with his uncle and spending time at the shop, he was inspired. From Compton, Guillermo went to St. Bosco High School where he wrestled and played baseball. Currently, he is spending most of his time working at In-and-Out so if you feel like getting a little something extra make sure to visit him ( kidding.) If not working he usually is hanging out with friends or working out, trying to up his weight class. After talking with Guillermo we found that we had one thing in common, nature. People forget that there is so much more than what is in their everyday life. When walking across the campus how many people actually stop and are thankful for the beauty around us? Maybe half, maybe less but Guillermo is one of them. Norway, Iceland, and China are just a few places he would like to travel to in his lifetime.Why those places you ask, because they are lush green areas with natural beauty.

Week 12: Activity

Algorithmic Art

For this weeks activity we had to do a form of algorithmic art with could have been through dance, music or even drawing. I chose to use drawing but instead of using a red marker and just making a mark, I used the idea from Whirls and Twirls in the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of of Art. In my short clip I am slowly making marks on a paper with different colors. This process did take a while especially with no help. I found it to be easier to leave the markers open and just keep switch though the colors but also making several marks with one color. I did speed up my video a lot but otherwise it would be a 20 minute video with lots of gaps where I was choosing a color. This process was very annoying but that is was makes it so amazing that people could do this. After just one line I was already tired but I did continue. In all I do wish I did a better job because I did get lazy toward the end but I am happy with how it came out. The colors I chose were suppose to make it easier to see but also match the Whirls and Twirls art piece. I had fun making this video and even though it was very tedious, it wasn’t very hard.

Week 12: Artist Interview


Ashley Sharpe

CATS! I can not ever fathom my excitement for this particular gallery. Walking in I didn’t know what to expect but once I saw the cat litter box, I fell in love. The idea of this gallery of all cats that is simply professional and fun just blows my mind. The pieces were made clean, and beautifully. I can officially say that this gallery is my favorite one of all, even without seeing the next ones we have. Looking at Ashley, she is one of her art pieces. I say this because she was dressed in a watermelon crop top that only a person that makes a cat gallery would wear. Its hard to explain that further, but basically Ashley is as cute and her art work. And even in one picture that I was sure had no cats, had cats. She started this project in 2013 and about a third of the pictures she  just finished recently. Ranging from mono prints, screen prints, or lithographs, Ashley shows her love for printmaking. Even without owning her own cat, she showed her love and thanks to an animal that has always comforted her. I hope to see Ashley’s work around in cafes and cute little store because her work is unique and should be displayed.