Week 10: Activity

purple-eared-bunny-cake-21252692     Bunny-Cake


This week we had the opportunity to do whatever we wanted as our activity so knowing myself, I made a video. If you asked my family they would tell you I am kind of horrible at cooking but I still try. I usually end up burning something or making a huge mess and just throwing everything away. My mission was to make a easter dessert that I had saw on Pinterest, and that is what I did. So the video is 7 minutes and forwarded a lot but you get to see me make it all alone and even see the issues I faced. I have trouble baking the cake because when I thought it had been finished, I think it could have stayed in a little longer. I also found that that instead of using one big pan it would have been better to use 2 pans and not fill them all the way. So basically the picture on the left was the original cake I wanted to make but because my cake was not cooked right I ended up doing the design on the right. In all this experience was a lot of fun even if it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Now lets eat some cake!


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