Week 10: Classmate Interview


Serena Carvajal

This week I had the opportunity to interview my best friend, Serena. Serena is a first time student at CSULB, she dorms, and is majoring in Civil Engineering. Although her education is important, I have learned so much more about her that others don’t get to see. At first glance you would assume Serena is a nice girl, quiet, and has really beautiful big hair but thats not all. She cares so much about her family, friends, and her kitty. I would consider Serena a family oriented person and once you have known her for a while, you are also her family. I have known serena for a couple months now, after meeting in math class fall semester 2014. Most people set goals and slowly not follow them, but Serena is one of the few people I know that will work hard even if she is stressed to get what she wants. Having a friend like Serena I feel inspired and like she is the right person to be influenced by. One quality I truly love about her is I can look to her for advice because she is honest and says what is true not just what I want to her. If you ever need a true friend or just someone to talk to, Serena is your gal.


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