Week 12: Artist Interview


Ashley Sharpe

CATS! I can not ever fathom my excitement for this particular gallery. Walking in I didn’t know what to expect but once I saw the cat litter box, I fell in love. The idea of this gallery of all cats that is simply professional and fun just blows my mind. The pieces were made clean, and beautifully. I can officially say that this gallery is my favorite one of all, even without seeing the next ones we have. Looking at Ashley, she is one of her art pieces. I say this because she was dressed in a watermelon crop top that only a person that makes a cat gallery would wear. Its hard to explain that further, but basically Ashley is as cute and her art work. And even in one picture that I was sure had no cats, had cats. She started this project in 2013 and about a third of the pictures she  just finished recently. Ranging from mono prints, screen prints, or lithographs, Ashley shows her love for printmaking. Even without owning her own cat, she showed her love and thanks to an animal that has always comforted her. I hope to see Ashley’s work around in cafes and cute little store because her work is unique and should be displayed.


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