Week 12: Activity

Algorithmic Art

For this weeks activity we had to do a form of algorithmic art with could have been through dance, music or even drawing. I chose to use drawing but instead of using a red marker and just making a mark, I used the idea from Whirls and Twirls in the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of of Art. In my short clip I am slowly making marks on a paper with different colors. This process did take a while especially with no help. I found it to be easier to leave the markers open and just keep switch though the colors but also making several marks with one color. I did speed up my video a lot but otherwise it would be a 20 minute video with lots of gaps where I was choosing a color. This process was very annoying but that is was makes it so amazing that people could do this. After just one line I was already tired but I did continue. In all I do wish I did a better job because I did get lazy toward the end but I am happy with how it came out. The colors I chose were suppose to make it easier to see but also match the Whirls and Twirls art piece. I had fun making this video and even though it was very tedious, it wasn’t very hard.


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