Week 13: Artist Interview


Marty Knop

Walking into this gallery my eyes immediately didn’t  know what to focus on. The lines in every directions, and the colors that match perfectly. Marty is an amazing artist that really is proud of his art so listening to him talk was very exciting. His art is supposed to illustrate mathematical functions by using photoshop and other programs. Printmaking being so expensive, most of Marty’s color choice were based on how well they go together and the price of which each color cost. Even if he choose a cheaper color, I think it was the best decision because it goes together so well. The difference between his pictures with colors  is that the colors make up the shapes and in most of the pictures, they are the same but with different colors. This was amazing to me because I didn’t see it until he had said something. I found Knops art very pleasing to the eye, and difficult to try to remake so Ill just leave it to the master.


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