Week 13: Classmate Interview


Guillermo Vargas

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Guillermo. A freshman as CSULB, he plans on majoring in Mechanical Engineering which was inspired by his uncle. His uncle already does design and programming for motorcycle rims and makes everything himself. After helping out with his uncle and spending time at the shop, he was inspired. From Compton, Guillermo went to St. Bosco High School where he wrestled and played baseball. Currently, he is spending most of his time working at In-and-Out so if you feel like getting a little something extra make sure to visit him ( kidding.) If not working he usually is hanging out with friends or working out, trying to up his weight class. After talking with Guillermo we found that we had one thing in common, nature. People forget that there is so much more than what is in their everyday life. When walking across the campus how many people actually stop and are thankful for the beauty around us? Maybe half, maybe less but Guillermo is one of them. Norway, Iceland, and China are just a few places he would like to travel to in his lifetime.Why those places you ask, because they are lush green areas with natural beauty.


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