Week 14: Artist Interview


Yireh Elaine Kwak

While looking at the galleries this week, this particular one was overflowing with people.  Walking into the gallery my first thought was wow these paintings are so colorful and there had to be multiple artists because this is a crazy amount for one person. The exhibit was called “Liminal” which according to dictionary.com means “of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process” which made since when you thought of the many “stages” of art in this gallery. After interviewing Yireh I learned that she is getting her BA in drawing and painting. Her art in this picture is called “home” which was influenced from her home in fullerton. She likes to paint pictures in her own perspective so that you can see the beauty through her eyes. Living on a hill with lush green around her and lots of nature inspired her oil painting above. Kwak tends to change up her art a lot because she needs to keep an opened mind so that her ideas will flow. Yireh decided to take one year off of school after she graduates before returning for a Masters program which she plans on working on her portfolio and other small projects. I feel that taking time off especially for an artist is crucial for them to find who they are, so I hope her the best and maybe we will see her art hanging in a museum someday.


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