Week 14: Classmate Interview


Eduardo Catalan

Majoring in Mathematics, Eduardo is a second year  at CSULB Eduardo was born in Mexico, but has been living in California for 14 years. Like me he commutes to school everyday and we share the experience of waking up extra early to go to class and waiting in the traffic when you are a couple miles from school. It really sucks because once he gets to school most of the time he is early and has to spend most of his time waiting for class which is bitter sweet. Usually he spends this time finding work to do or studying. Currently working at McDonalds, the one down the street from school, he uses up most of his time at school or working. When he does get time off he like to spend it relaxing because that is the only time he gets to himself. When I asked about his major is math and why that he said because he “likes math.” In my opinion no one can ever like math, so I asked if it was easy to him, again he surprised me. He said “no it is actually really hard but I like the challenge.” His perseverance and dedication is amazing especially for something that everyone hates, he is a real diamond in the rough. With this major, like me, he wants to be a teacher for high school. One goal he set for himself was to be the kind of teacher he had in high school. He wants to put his students first and make sure they understand the material because maybe them more student will love math the way he does.  After meeting with Eduardo I felt the passion to commit to my major and to really be the type of teacher I would have wanted in school. Eduardo is a hardworking student that has accomplished so much for being 20 and I hope to get to know him more being that we will may work together in the future.


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