Week 15: Artist Interview

Elia Murray

This final week I had the pleasure of meeting Elia. Walking into the Gatov-West gallery I was immediately overwhelmed. Once noticing how many artist were up I had such a huge selection. Elia was talking about her art when I walked in and because I prefer to write about an artist that is actually present I chose her. Elia came to school originally trying to fight her passion and pursue becoming an English teacher. After learning the struggle and not being able to fight her artistic ability she became a illustration major. While talking to Elia we learned that most of her art is water colors. Though genetics dont always lead you to your future, hers did. Both mother and father did watercolors and it just seemed to fit her. We learned that working for Disney is an ultimate goal for most artist even her. Being that Disney mostly employs graphic designers she hopes to stand out from the rest as a illustrator. Her art really does look like it could be part of the Disney team and I hope she gets a spot. Though Disney is her dream job, she is also working on a book. While talk to a man she told him that he book is done just needed binding which is a big deal because childrens books are popular. This weeks gatov-west art gallery was amazing full of artist with spectacular art. I noticed I did spend more time at the galleries longer than I have usually because it was the style that I like. I hope to see Elia’s art in Disney at some point and I get to say “HEY I SAW SENIOR PROJECT!!”


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