Week 15: Classmate Interview


J. Jesus

This last week  I had the pleasure to interview the person on the left of the picture above. This sweet couple were probably the most fun and entertaining people I interviewed all semester. Jay is majoring in computer engineering which he has fallen in love with. Math in a main subject in this area and feels that even being at a higher level its way easier than lower division math. While talking with Jay, I felt he has lots of knowledge on the many fields of engineering. Being a 3rd years he has been able to learn a lot and it shows. Lucky for him, he will be graduating in about a year and a half which to me seems so close. Currently Jay is working in the University bookstore which he enjoys and likes how they work around his schedule. A graduate from Wilson High School, there is where he met his true love. A little more than 3 years they have been together and just last December they got married. About 5 months of being married I look up to this couple in hopes I could have a relationship like them. Just the way they easily communicate to each other and others is respectful while still being funny. Though Jay may look like just a smart guy he is also very caring, which I learned by talking to him. I honestly enjoyed this conversation of all and I am really glad to have met people that set my relationship goal (laughing at my weirdness).


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